Geology and Temporal Evolution of Alteration and Au-Sb-W Mineralization, Stibnite Mining District, Idaho

Bulletins (B): B-31

Bulletins (B): B-31
Year: 2019
Virginia S. Gillerman
Mark D. Schmitz
Jeff A. Benowitz
Paul W. Layer
Bulletin 31 reports new research on the characteristics and age of hydrothermal alteration and gold-antimony-tungsten mineralization at the Stibnite district. It includes detailed petrographic descriptions, geochronology, common lead isotope signatures, and microprobe analyses (including gold) of pyrite and other minerals. Numerous color illustrations are included in the text, which is available as a free downloaded pdf file or as a printed copy of the pdf for a modest fee. Appendices are only available as download files.
Pages: 163
Date Added: 03/11/2019

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