Magnetic susceptibility measurements of rocks in Idaho and surrounding areas

Digital Analytical Data (DAD): DAD-20

Digital Analytical Data (DAD): DAD-20
Year: 2023
Russell F. Burmester
Reed S. Lewis
This file contains magnetic susceptibilities of 2988 rock outcrops, float pieces, or hand samples measured from 1983 through 2022. Measurements on all but the cores were by personnel of the Idaho Geological Survey using a KT-9 Kappameter from Exploranium G.S. Ltd. Those on paleomagnetic specimens were made using an AGICO KLY-3S susceptometer at the Pacific Northwest Paleomagnetism Laboratory at Western Washington University. Individual readings are in no particular order. The data are sorted by unit and then 30'x60' quadrangle. Locations of some may not be as precise as implied.
Data presented as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and GIS shapefile. Plates (PDFs) included as examples. 
Data Version: 03.2023
Date Added: 03/29/2023

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