Historical Oil and Gas data for Idaho: 1903-1988

Digital Databases (DD): DD-3

Digital Databases (DD): DD-3
Year: 2013
Dean L. Garwood
James R. Cash
Rachel G. Daly
Dennis M. Feeney
Reed S. Lewis
Sherry E. Pixley
Roy M. Breckenridge
New version for 2013. These files include information on historical oil and gas exploration wells in Idaho provided by companies to the Oil and Gas Commission from 1903-1988. This data was transferred to the IdahoGeological Survey in 2009 from the Idaho Department of Lands, who regulates and maintains data for recent/current oil and gas exploration in Idaho. The Idaho Geological Survey maintains files on one hundred seventy two oil and gas wells in the state. Some files contain drilling service reports, geophysical logs, geologic logs, correspondence, PI cards, and lease maps. Logs are NOT included with this data set but are available online from the Oil and Gas Google Maps Search. Distributed as ESRI geodatabse.
Data Version: 12.2013.2
Date Added: 06/23/2011

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ESRI Personal Geodatabase
A ESRI personal geodatabase/MS Access database. See Metadata for more information.
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Oil and Gas Map of Idaho: 2011 Revision: DWM-142
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Oil and Gas Map of Idaho: 2011 Revision: DWM-142

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