NEHRP Site Class and Liquefaction Susceptibility Maps for the Wood River Valley, Idaho

Digital Databases (DD): DD-8

Digital Databases (DD): DD-8
Year: 2013
Kerrie N. Weppner
William M. Phillips
Jamey Turner
Dan O'Connell
Bruno Protti
Kenneth M. Bernstein
This database contains maps of NEHRP seismic site class and liquefaction susceptibility for the portion of the Wood River containing the cities of Sun Valley, Ketchum, Hailey, and Bellevue. The NEHRP seismic site class map is based upon measurements at 51 sites of average shear wave velocity within 30 m (100 ft) of the surface (Vs30). These measurements were extrapolated throughout the map area using a surficial geologic map. The data used to construct the maps are provided in ESRI ArcMAP format version 10.1, and as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets of the Vs30 depth profiles. An Appendix provides details on how the site class maps were constructed. Liquefaction susceptibility was constructedusing a model of depth to the regional water table and with an age-time-environment classification of surficial geologic units. Both maps contain further explanatory text.
Data Version: 6.2013.1
Date Added: 08/06/2013

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Download Liquefaction GIS (Zip | 23,829 KB)
Data used to construct the Liquefaction Susceptibility map data in Personal Geodatabase format; .mxd in ArcMap v. 10.1 format. Includes basemap, ATE classification of geology polygons, aquifer extent, and liquefaction class files
Download NEHRP GIS (Zip | 24,389 KB)
Data used to construct the NEHRP site class map data in Personal Geodatabase format; .mxd in ArcMap v. 10.1 format. Data include Vs30, depth to water table, ATE classification, classified geology polygons, project area, and basemap files
Download NEHRP Appendix A (PDF | 588 KB)
Details on construction of the NEHRP Site Class Map
Download Liquefaction Map (PDF | 20,649 KB)
Liquefaction susceptibility map and explanatory text
Download NEHRP Map (PDF | 19,801 KB)
NEHRP site class map and explanatory text
Download NEHRP Consultant Report (Zip | 12,675 KB)
Seismic data collected in the Wood River Valley by Fugro Consultants Inc.

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