Major Oxide and Trace Element Analyses for Igneous Rock Samples From the Grangeville and Fairfield 30 x 60 Minute Quadrangles

Digital Analytical Data (DAD): DAD-12

Dennis M. Feeney
Reed S. Lewis
Dean L. Garwood
John D. Kauffman

This file includes analysis of whole-rock chemistry, sample locations, and lithology on 490 igneous rock samples collected from 1979 through 2012 in support of the Fairfield 30 x 60 minute and Grangeville 30 x 60 minute geologic mapping projects for the Idaho Geological Survey. Most of the samples are from the Idavada Group, Columbia River Basalt, Challis, Snake River or Idaho Group. The data are sorted by year collected and then sample number. Data are compiled in an Excel spreadsheet, and distributed as a WinZip file. Available only as a download.

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