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Geologic Map and Cross Sections of the Meyers Cove Area, Lemhi County, Idaho

Year: 1980  |  T-80-2  (Technical Reports)  |  Scale: 1:12,000

Jerry Rahn

The Geology and Geologic Sections West and North of the Yankee Fork-Salmon River Confluence, Custer County, Idaho

Year: 1980  |  T-80-3  (Technical Reports)  |  Scale: 1:6,000

Robert W. Malloy

Selected Bibliography on the Devonian System of Idaho

Year: 1980  |  T-80-5  (Technical Reports)

Jerry L. Harbour

Summary of the Overthrust Belt in Parts of Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho

Year: 1980  |  T-80-9  (Technical Reports)

Jerry L. Harbour
Roy M. Breckenridge