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Sources and Causes of Acid Mine Drainage
Pamphlets (P): P-165
Year: 1975








Moscow Basin Ground Water Studies
Pamphlets (P): P-153
Year: 1972


Geothermal Potential of Idaho
Pamphlets (P): P-150
Year: 1971














Volcanic Construction Materials in Idaho
Pamphlets (P): P-135
Year: 1965


Geology of the Clearwater Embayment
Pamphlets (P): P-128
Year: 1963

Reconnaissance Geology of the Sawtooth Range
Pamphlets (P): P-129
Year: 1963

Geology Along U.S. Highway 93 in Idaho
Pamphlets (P): P-130
Year: 1963

Mining History of South-Central Idaho
Pamphlets (P): P-131
Year: 1963

Gravity Anomalies in Idaho
Pamphlets (P): P-132
Year: 1963

The Coeur d'Alene Mining District in 1963
Pamphlets (P): P-133
Year: 1963