Idaho Geological Survey interactive web map applications

IGS interactive web map applications

The Idaho Geological Survey migrated its interactive web map applications to the ESRI ArcGIS Online platform in 2023 to improve reliability of access to our services. New features include support for mobile devices and the ability to cross-query data between web maps.
The Idaho Geological Survey does not guarantee the interactive web map application data to be free of errors nor assume liability for interpretations made from these data, or decisions based thereon.

Important information:

Please see the Help document for general information on using all web maps. The following web maps merit further consideration:

Geochem web map

Full analytical data for samples selected through the Geochem web map are only available as a CSV file download due to the number of columns needed to ensure both human and machine readability.

Areas of historical and current mining activity can be dangerous to investigate, and some hazards are not readily identifiable even after careful observation. Mine sites may be on private property where entry is prohibited by law. There are significant investments by the government and other stakeholders to mitigate the danger to public safety and the environment at some mine locations. Vandalizing gates constructed across mine openings or other improvements may cause harm to others and result in prosecution.

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