Database of the Mines and Prospects of Idaho (version 1.2023)

Digital Databases (DD): DD-1

Digital Databases (DD): DD-1
Year: 2023
Christopher A. Tate
Jacob A. Eldredge
Victoria E. Mitchell
Loudon R. Stanford
This version represents a new database design created to enforce data integrity, expedite discovery and extraction of records, and facilitate the support of existing and new derivative data products. Tabels and fields are designed to be easily imported into alternative relational database management systems such as ArcGIS, PostGreSQL, SQL Server, and others. Furthermore, the data download bundle includes an MXD map file compatible with ArcMap 10.1, an ArcGIS Pro workspace, MDB and GDB databases, symbology files for ArcMap and ArcPro, a KMZ for use on offline devices, centralized metadata, and a stand-alone FGDC compliant metatada XML file.
An Access front-end compatible with all versions of MS Office 2000 to present  is included in the MDB. A newly developed Search Wizard can be used through Access to query any and all Mines data with no prior knowledge of SQL or relational databases by the user.
The Idaho Geological Survey does not guarantee Mines and Prospects data to be free of errors nor assume liability for interpretations made from these data, or decisions based thereon.
Trespassing on private lands, vandalizing bat gates or other measures to protect the safety of the public or wildlife on public lands, and activities that infringe on the rights of legal claimants on public lands under state and federal laws is illegal, irresponsible, and may result in grievous bodily harm, death by gunshot or worse, and if lucky only prosecution. Please don’t use our data to be a jerk.
Data Version: 1.2023
Date Added: 03/05/2021

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Download GIS Data and database bundle (Zip | 31,288 KB)
MS Access 2002/ESRI Personal GD MDB, Shapefile, ArcMap 10.1 MXD, KMZ, ESRI GDB, ArcGIS Pro project
Includes database, metadata, readme file, ESRI shapefile, MXDs, and KMZ files.
Download KMZ file of Mines locations (KMZ | 1,024 KB)
Download Metadata compilation (PDF | 1,182 KB)
Download Readme file (Txt | 23 KB)

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